A million questions crashing within my mind and heart
Overwhelming like the waves as they crash and overtake the shore
A million questions I do not wish to ask
But I can no longer ignore them as they ebb and flow through me

Will I share that crippled child that lies inside my heart
Will I open my mind and my heart to the hope of acceptance?
Will I dare to trust that one can mend rather than break
Will I?

Shall I move towards you in the night and find you ever present
Shall I reach out my hand in despair to find yours grasping mine
Shall I see within your eyes the constancy I seek?
Shall I?

Or do you dissipate?
Do you slip away as quickly as you came?
Do you rise only to sink and never return?
Do you pry open my heart and pour me out only to leave me a puddle on the floor?
Do you?

A million questions,
Perhaps a million and one
Each piling on top of the other on top of the other on top
Braced for answers I stand like the rock amidst the waves.
Will I crumble?


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