Why do we fight it?
Those things that make us truly alive
We hold back ourselves to conform
But weren’t we born to be different?



stomach lurching
heart yearning
eyes heavy with unfallen tears
she awoke feeling sinkingly alone

when the other girls leave
they say
I will always return


is that all she would ever be?
a place holder
a constant bookmark?
she thought this story was hers
is she even in the book?

this morning she awoke
and for a moment the whole world felt
oppressively alone


Maybe hearts just know what we need
A friend
A lover
something more?
And maybe we miss their whispers into our souls
blinded by want
We miss the need
minds invade our hearts
Invoking fear
They scream—
our minds
Demanding that we listen—
that we see
Every wrong turn,
every what if
every maybe.
Hearts are quiet things
They nudge us—
never screaming
in the way we ought to go
They, our quiet guides,
often lost in the chaos
we do not hear
And so they ache


Will you let me rest in you?
Will you wrap your arms around my tired heart and let me slip deeper into myself?
Will you keep me safe?
Will you protect the bits of me that I open into you?
Will you hold them gently as if the slightest twitch could shatter them?
Will you let me in?
Will you share yourself with me?
Will you let me see the secret things that you are hesitant to share?
The quiet,
The protective layers that shape your being?
Will you trust me?
Will you be worthy of my trust?
Will you?


It was never the seeing that she feared
It was the aftermath

To be known yet found wanting
Truly seen
Yet not enough
Persuasive lies of ineptitude
Surpassing the peace of being alone
Into the realm of true loneliness
Secreting unbroken quietness
Into the hidden places in her heart

Left in doubtful pursuit of something
To disprove the lies
To quiet the monsters within her head
To keep her heart from clouding

It was never the seeing
That was the dream


I love going to the movies.

I love going to the theatre.

I love going to concerts.

I love that feeling of sharing your moment with a collective.
You are alone, but you are together.

Alone you feel joy, together you laugh.

Alone you feel sorrow, together you cry.

Alone you experience, but together you express.

There is something so intimately beautifully about these moments when when we choose to come together for something we love as individuals.