I love the words your body speaks
The playful story in your smile
The comfortable yearning in your hands as they cover mine
I love the words your body speaks
The suggestive curve in your lips
The dark intensity in your gaze as it keeps me in its grips
The calming guidance of your arms around my arms, around me
I love the words your body speaks
When your mouth is silent



Read me like your favorite book
Turn me gently in your hands
Study my every line
But do not skip ahead
Love me in this moment
take me as I am
Do not create the ending
Before you’ve read every
deliberate word of my being
Read me like your favorite book
But remember this story is still mine.


You’re enough. You’re enough. You’re enough.
You are enough.
Those little words somehow they’re changing us.
-Sleeping At Last, “You Are Enough”
Sometimes we go out searching for validation of self from other people.
We tweet, and Facebook, and Tumbl hoping that someone will like what we’ve said and provide us with a small modicum of “self-worth”.
What falls short in that mentality though is that we are looking for self-worth outside of our selves.
We will never find it there.
It has to begin from within and when that happens…when something clicks within our hearts that says, “Oh, who I am is enough. Who cares if that guy (or girl) doesn’t see or like me? Who cares if the world doesn’t notice that I exist? What matters is that I care and believe that I am pretty great as I am now and as I am going to be later.”
I don’t think we hear that enough. Not from the world and certainly not from ourselves (or at least I know that I do not!)
Where does that true inner validation come from? Perhaps God. It is possible that there lies the purest and most true validation-that knowledge that the hands that created me cared and valued every piece of me—but I am also aware enough of the world to know that not everyone will see that. I also know that there is nothing I can say to convince you that what I believe is true.
I don’t have the power within me to change your heart, but I do have a voice to say that you, my friend, are worth so much more than you give yourself credit.
I have a voice to say that I hope for a small moment you allow yourself to believe that you’re wonderful as you truly are at your heart and that you will come alive to that version of yourself and not accept what the world deems “worthy.” The world doesn’t know you. Only you know you.
Please don’t accept less than that? And pray that I, too, will not forget as I am prone to doubt.


The time has come,
I’ve heard it said,
to talk of other things
How myths and fairytales must end
Reality sinks in
You’ve fallen down the rabbit hole
You’re late!
You’re lost.
Nothing is quite what it seems
All is what it’s not.
The dreams you had all faded
The truth becoming clear
No shoes, no ships, no ceiling wax
Nor cabbages or kings
For though your heart is all you’ve got
This knowledge grants you wings
And flowers bloom where trials loom
Your heart may pass this yet


“What is kinder—to believe the best of people and burden them with a nobility beyond their endurance—or to see them as they are, and accept it because it makes them comfortable?”

–Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

I have found that in my life this is one of the greatest questions I ask and am asked. I want to be better having known a person. I want people to be better having known me, but are we the judges of those changes that occur.

Do our actions influence the shift from forcing someone to unattainable nobility or stagnant comfort?

I am not sure.

Which is kinder?