You’re enough. You’re enough. You’re enough.
You are enough.
Those little words somehow they’re changing us.
-Sleeping At Last, “You Are Enough”
Sometimes we go out searching for validation of self from other people.
We tweet, and Facebook, and Tumbl hoping that someone will like what we’ve said and provide us with a small modicum of “self-worth”.
What falls short in that mentality though is that we are looking for self-worth outside of our selves.
We will never find it there.
It has to begin from within and when that happens…when something clicks within our hearts that says, “Oh, who I am is enough. Who cares if that guy (or girl) doesn’t see or like me? Who cares if the world doesn’t notice that I exist? What matters is that I care and believe that I am pretty great as I am now and as I am going to be later.”
I don’t think we hear that enough. Not from the world and certainly not from ourselves (or at least I know that I do not!)
Where does that true inner validation come from? Perhaps God. It is possible that there lies the purest and most true validation-that knowledge that the hands that created me cared and valued every piece of me—but I am also aware enough of the world to know that not everyone will see that. I also know that there is nothing I can say to convince you that what I believe is true.
I don’t have the power within me to change your heart, but I do have a voice to say that you, my friend, are worth so much more than you give yourself credit.
I have a voice to say that I hope for a small moment you allow yourself to believe that you’re wonderful as you truly are at your heart and that you will come alive to that version of yourself and not accept what the world deems “worthy.” The world doesn’t know you. Only you know you.
Please don’t accept less than that? And pray that I, too, will not forget as I am prone to doubt.

3 thoughts on “Enough

  1. I love very much the post and I am interested in the topic. I totally agree about social media: the appreciation there is so important for many people that they totally loose themselves in pursuit for likes. Scientists say it is similar to a children’s desire to be praised by their parents. And I think to understand who you are requires research and the very fact of question. It is also very much dependent on our brainwashed society, where everyone shall be successful. I am a good dancer, and that is my passion – and I would be much happier dancing somewhere, even in the club, then working for a newspaper. But the former is shameful for our society, the latter is appreciated. At least I don’t lie to myself that the newspaper is my dream job and I reach success. But a lot of people would lie. As if everybody should be “worthy”… I think to be happy after all is more important.

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    • I think too often we allow society to dictate what is right and good in our lives. Yes, we have an inherent sense of goodness that is rather inarguable. There are things that are just bad–lying, stealing, murder, but there are other things that really aren’t bad. If your passion is for dancing, girl, dance! Who can argue against the beauty of dance? In the Bible, David–who was considered a man after God’s own heart–danced before God, and people shunned him. His own wife was ashamed, but he did it anyway because there is freedom in that. His heart was in the right place. Don’t let the world steal what makes you, you 🙂

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