…you come too

Today was perfect.

I slipped away from the city–from everything that has left me drowning–and I found myself in the beauty of the woods. I spent the entire day with an old friend, exploring the woods around Robert Frost’s farm, chatting over burgers and beers, and hiking through the woods near his mother’s house. We stared up at the trees and a beautiful waterfall and lost ourselves in the fullness of nature.

IMG_8532 IMG_8534 IMG_8527IMG_8514

There are moments in life that simply cannot be described.

This was one of those days.

And in the beauty of the autumn leaves I found a few of the pieces within me that I’d lost. I’d only just begun to realize how deeply I was sinking, but this one little trip helped to revive me. I’m so thankful for that.

On the train ride back into Boston I paused and I wrote. I haven’t felt compelled to write something in months, but as I reflected on the day I was struck by a single moment. As we were exploring the Robert Frost farm, we came across two roads diverging within a yellow wood (!!!). We only took one path–though a part of me wanted to take both. Clearly one was marked for a tour, so we took the other. As Frost explains in his famous poem it really would not have mattered which path we took, but it mattered that we chose one. I chose to move to Boston to follow a dream. It hasn’t turned out quite as I would have liked so far, but I am still on that path. I can enjoy it, or I can hold on to the darker bits and wish I’d taken another. The light shone so beautifully on the path that we took today. It illuminated the leaves in a way that almost made them glow. I don’t want to say that I have the ability to make my time here “glow”. That’s far too cheesy, and I am well aware that Jerry the mouse and the myriad of other problems in my apartment will keep me angry for quite some time, but I can take the time to truly love the days that shine. Today was a beautiful one. I’m still reeling in the moment, but a part of me wants to say that right now all of the bad was worth it for a day like today.


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