Winter to Spring

Things I have learned this semester: It is not easy to keep up a blog, a full-time job, be a successful student, AND maintain some semblance of a social life.

(Sidenote: I did finish the year with 3 As and a B+ so I didn’t fair too horribly!)

I’m sorry for anyone who actually reads this blog as a primary source of knowing my life events! Might I suggest checking out my Instagram? It doesn’t give you the inner workings of my brain, but it certainly gives you the occasional snapshot into my life!

Goals for 30: Keep in touch better!

So where to begin? Well, this semester was far easier than the last for me emotionally. I attribute this primarily to my fantastic new (as of February) job as a children’s bookseller at one of the most magical bookstores I have ever encountered–Brookline Booksmith. Working gave my life a sense of purpose that was sorely lacking during my first few months in Boston. (It also introduced me to an incredible community of people that make coming to work an absolute joy). I’ve found myself beginning to love this city far more because of it. I’m finding my place here, and that matters. I still find myself feeling a bit like a stranger in a strange land, but I don’t mind it nearly as much as I did when my world felt rather dark and cold last semester. Amanda and I also moved out of that horrid apartment in Dorchester into the most charming apartment in the Jamaica Plains neighborhood of Boston. Within walking distance to our apartment was the Arnold Arboretum which has officially gained its place as one of my favorite places in the world. (That’s right, Boston now contains a place that’s made the list of favorites!)

But seriously, how gorgeous is this place? Kyle (the dapper gent pictured above) and I  have spent hours exploring it, and have barely made a dent in all that it has to offer!

I also had quite a few sessions with a wonderful therapist at Simmons over the semester. As a person who strives to continually learn more about herself, I think it is rather prudent for everyone to seek counseling at least once in their lives. What I’ve learned most of all is that I often have difficulty being authentically myself in new situations. I believe that people will view me as a novelty and disappear once the charm has worn off so I hold back. I also don’t always express my emotions…normally. My face smiles when my heart breaks, and I push down negative emotions for the sake of positive ones rather than allowing myself to embrace the full gamet of human complexities. Needless to say, there is a lot that I have been working to improve, and as ever I am excited about that journey! My life is far from perfect here, but it’s on a solid rise. I have nothing of note to complain about because no matter how dark things might get at times there is and has always been a solid light that permeates around me. I’m a lucky girl.

The most pressing of news, however, is that I by this time next week I will be starting a month long journey in London studying British Libraries with the University of Southern Mississippi! Expect me to update far more frequently during that month. Hopefully I’ll get better about blogging regularly because of it. During my previous London adventure I kept a journal (thanks Becky!), and this time I intend to do the same, but I also want to update my friends and family on my adventures and share the story of a few lifelong dreams coming true!

So if you’re interested in that sort of thing, stay tuned! Winter is officially over. Spring is here, and the sun on my shoulders–and London in my future–make me a far happier human than my previous posts would suggest!

4 thoughts on “Winter to Spring

  1. I’m so happy to know that you’re feeling more at home in Boston. You’re such an inspiration, India! I’m proud of your honesty and ability to work toward what you want, and I can relate to the sense of isolation you’ve experienced. It’s familiar territory and I want you to know I’m with you in good times and tough times. Can’t wait to see you in London Town!

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