Just You




the intricacies of who you are

and who you want to be

the things you try to hide

are the things that draw me in

i will take you as you are, my friend




there is beauty in each un-intentioned bend



will you come with me

as i travel this dark land?

will you still be here?


I fear the loneliness
seeping deeply into my heart
I want to run from it
it follows every time
I cry out
To silence
My eyes beg you not to go
my pleas fall on deaf ears
They always leave

I hope against hope
For the one who will stay.


a heavy mind
Balancing precariously between the truth
And the lies I feed myself

Forgotten, but not alone
Rejected, but not unworthy
labels with a rounded edge
Piercing my heart
Flooding my mind
Inflicting me with false hope
I think I’ll leave you there
In that moment before the clock strikes 12
I’ll leave you there in the fading dark as the world begins anew.

This life is just too beautiful to hold on
To something that won’t hold onto you


Why do we shy from brokenness?
Why do we cover our tears?
Why do we cower from darkness?
An amalgam of all of our fears.
Why do we laugh and pretend
that all as is as it is not?
Why do we feign being found
When inside we know we are lost?
Why do we feel it is easiest
to pretend that we are whole and fine
True strength is best shown in the crackings
of our own faulty designs.


I love the words your body speaks
The playful story in your smile
The comfortable yearning in your hands as they cover mine
I love the words your body speaks
The suggestive curve in your lips
The dark intensity in your gaze as it keeps me in its grips
The calming guidance of your arms around my arms, around me
I love the words your body speaks
When your mouth is silent


Read me like your favorite book
Turn me gently in your hands
Study my every line
But do not skip ahead
Love me in this moment
take me as I am
Do not create the ending
Before you’ve read every
deliberate word of my being
Read me like your favorite book
But remember this story is still mine.